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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Reality Dysfunction

The Reality Dysfunction was written by Peter F. Hamilton and published in 1996.  It's the first half of a thousand page novel; I guess the publisher thought it was a good idea to make two 500 page books out of it, yeah, and I never ever thought I would read this, but I am, and it's really great; only there is another book after this one, called The Reality Dysfunction part 2,  and after that there are two more huge books called The Neutronium Alchemest (part 1 and 2) that's good for at least 1000 or so pages, and then there are TWO MORE books called The Naked God (part 1 and 2)  or something or, this book is chock full 'o tech, but characters rule here, so here's a text sample:

"Just like you and all the others, you want to believe that everything's so perfect on this planet.  You convinced yourselves we're a bunch of regular lads who got a bad break in life.  Anything else would have cracked your dream open and made you face reality.  Illusion is easy.  Illusion is the loser's way out.  Your way.  You and all of the others grubbing around in the dirt...."

O.K. this book kicks some serious ass, it's a wicked horror filled page turner, and Peter F. Hamilton is giving space opera a good name.

Song of the day: Brainstorm by Arctic Monkeys

The drummer; bass; rhythm section; whole damn band rocks hard...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Grant Morrison Live

Comic Book God Grant Morrison delivers a talk that's about 45 minutes long, worth sticking through cos he comes up with some interesting things to think about...this is from 2000, so it's a pre 9/11 perspective on the world...but he makes reference to a lot of sci-fi (Abbott's 2 dimensional Flatland, Space and Time as described by H.P. Lovecraft, can we mention Philip K. Dick's collected works, Rudy Rucker's 57th Franz Kafka, and Sex Sphere come to mind) stuff...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

John Carter, Warlord of Mars: 2012 Trailer!:

Dig it:

Lies, Inc.

Lies, Inc. was written by Philip K. Dick in his high output years of 1963-1964, and was originally called The Unteleported Man.
And this corrected version of The Unteleported Man, now re-titled Lies, Inc. is what he was working on when he died in 1982.

Those new to Philip K. Dick should not start here, as it's a difficult descent into LSD induced para worlds of hell......the hell world of the garrison state is a theme that runs through Dick's other works....some really out there psychedelic bad trip really scary stuff here (the eye eater is so creepy) that really wanders all over the map, from nightmare into boredom......this novel is a bad fascist is a quote:

"Three men, two of them riffraff with lasers, with the decayed eyes of those who had long ago been bought, hamstrung, lost long ago, came first.  And then a clear faced elegant man who would never be bought because he was a great buyer in the market of men; he was a dealer, not produce for sale."

Oh yeah, it's not the monsters that exist in the 10 para-worlds that are evil: all of the evil in the world is done by just us regular old human beings....and don't trust the government, dontchaknow...phew! I was worried there for a minute...